• BeetHummus2

    Yes, Beet Hummus Is Real, And Every Bit As Delicious As It Sounds. Here’s How To Make It.

    We used beets to spice up a beloved dish: hummus. We all love hummus. Why wouldn’t we? It’s creamy, it’s tasty, it goes with, well, just about anything. But by adding some beets, we take ordinary, plain-jane hummus and turn it into something bright and delightful.

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  • DI_0820141701

    2015 Price Increase

    Happy New Year from Dig Inn. Here’s some information about our modest price increase beginning January 5, 2015.

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  • AppIngredients0464

    LevelUp: The Fastest Way To Dig Inn

    We're excited to announce the Dig Inn app powered by LevelUp! With our app, you'll be able to order pickup and delivery, pay with your phone, and earn rewards. FAQ: The Basics What's the Dig Inn App? It's our app powered by LevelUp that let's you pay with your phone and get rewarded at Dig Inn. What's in it for me? Glad you asked! When you download the Dig Inn app, you will receive an insta...

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  • Oatmeal-cutbanana-web

    Recipe: Overnight Museli

    The ultimate breakfast to kickstart 2015: overnight Muesli with fruit and nuts.

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  • Fritatta-OnPlate-web

    Recipe: Farmhouse Frittata

    The perfect egg dish for family breakfasts (and you probably have all the ingredients in your fridge.)

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