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    Field Notes: 5 Things You Get at a Farmer’s Market

    When you shop at a Farmer’s Market, you’re not just buying fresh produce. It’s about much more than that. In this week’s Field Notes, Matt Preston talks about 5 things you’ll get at the Farmer’s Market (besides delicious fruits and veggies.)

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    Now Serving: Sugar Baby Watermelon Juice

    What’s cold, refreshing, and red all over? Dig Inn’s cold-pressed watermelon juice. This bright drink is the perfect thing to cool you off on a hot day in the city. It’s pressed fresh daily in the Bronx, and made from locally-sourced Sugar Babies.

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    Featured Partner: Grady’s Cold Brew

    Summer, sweet summer, the season where everything is better on ice. Along with everyone else in NYC, these days we’re all about the cold brew coffee–smooth and less acidic, it’s one of our favorite ways to cool down. And there’s no better cold brew in town than Grady’s Cold Brew, our Featured Vendor this month. We recently went to visit Grady’s Cold Brew in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to chat with president and co-founder Grady Laird, and co-founders Dave Sands and Kyle Buckley.

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    Recipe: Roasted Corn with Thyme

    Friends, it’s officially corn season! Roasted corn is one of our favorite summer treats–juicy, smoky, and probably one of the most fun foods to eat with your hands. This remarkably simple recipe just utilizes your stovetop and oven, and takes a mere 20-minutes from husk to roasted cob.

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    picstitch (8)

    Field Notes: Crop Spotlight: Weeds

    Amaranth, Purslane, and Lambsquarters are all weeds. But these weeds aren’t so pesky: they’re edible! Learn about the most common edible weeds in this week’s Field Notes.

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