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    Mid-Winter Menu Updates

    Beat the Winter blues with new Farm-To-Counter flavors! We've kicked our meatball up a notch and are offering new spins on a few chilled sides. (Be on the look out for local favorite Red Jacket Orchard Crispin apples.) PROTEINS 5-Spice Meatballs Antibiotic-free (ABF) chicken and premium ABF pork served with a spicy tomato sauce featuring harissa chiles, cloves, fennel, anise, cinnamon, and...

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    Why We Chose Wild Salmon Over Ocean-Based Farm-Raised Salmon

    Take a deep dive with us into the world of salmon sourcing.

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    Dig Inn & SoulCycle

    Our salads have SOUL!

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    Bone Broth 101: Your No-Nonsense Guide To The Food Trend That Everyone Seems To Be Talking About

    If you strip away some of the hype around broth, it turns out you’re left with a delicious, nutritious drink that can double as the base of a great soup or stew. Let’s de-mystify broth.

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  • BeetInCrate

    Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Beets But Were Too Afraid To Ask

    We can’t hide our affections: At Dig Inn, we love beets. And what began as a crush has become a crazed love affair with these crimson roots. So many of us have unanswered questions about beets, so we’ve taken some time to answer the most common ones and offer up reasons why we think this vegetable is virtually without peer.

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